Unbreakable Airtight Seal PET Jars

  • These airtight seal jars are made with food-grade PET material, the high-quality plastic containers will resist -wear'n tear while meeting all your storage & organization needs in the kitchen, bathroom, craft closet, tool box,and more!
  • The clear canisters are lightweight and break resistant, so you never have to worry about them around your kids. Fill them with all your favorite essentials.
  • Our PET sealing containers are enhanced airtight design for a professional seal . In general market, such canisters includes a silicone gasket on the lid, besides this, our canister is with extra stainless steel clamp and PE disc liner to ensure a tight fit every time, It will maintain freshness longer than other containers, they're ideal for storing both dry & liquid contents, your foods will stay fresh and safe from ants and other bugs.
  • Wide mouth design make its easy to put in and take out your storage, transparent body make you easy to check and grab what you want.
  • Optional capacity to meet your daily use : 100ml,200ml , 500ml, 750ml, 1500ml,1650ml. Use these large round jars to sort & store beans, candy, cereal, cookies, sugar, flour, rice, pastas, pickles, powders, honey, jerky, oatmeal, nuts, snacks, salt, herbs, spices, sauces, baking goods etc.
  • Take it beyond the kitchen by using them for arts & craft DIY supplies, pet treats, small parts, nails, paint, slime, beads, coins, cotton balls, vitamins, supplements, vanity, cosmetics, & so much more , these handy sealing bottles are perfect for home organization.
  • Hassle-free washing: No need to waste time and effort hand washing or scrubbing your jar clean! This clear container is dishwasher safe so you can just place it in the dishwasher and keep it clean and in perfect condition at all times with no hassle!
  • The canister jar has a stylish design that will look great in every kitchen. It is crystal clear and it has a classic and vintage design that will add a touch of elegance to your cupboards and shelves.
  • The food container is very strong and durable so you can enjoy maximum performance for years to come.

Product List
Item No.: E1927
Size: 21 cm (H) x 12 cm (Dia.) , 227 g
Imprint: Without printing
Item No.: E1926
Size: 21 cm (H) x 11 cm (Dia.) , 227 g
Imprint: Without printing
Item No.: E1925
Size: 15.5 cm (H) x 8.9 cm (Dia.) , 205 g
Imprint: Without printing
Item No.: E1924
Size: 11.7 cm (H) x 9 cm (Dia.) , 167 g
Imprint: Without printing
Item No.: E1923
Size: 7.6 cm (H) x 7.4 cm (Dia.) , 112 g
Imprint: Without printing
Item No.: E1922
Size: 6.45 cm (H) x 7 cm (Dia.) , 112 g
Imprint: Without printing