Magic Cooling Towel

Item No.:
2mm PVA
66 x 21 cm
With 1 embossing logo on 1 position ( Assume logo size within 6 x 6 cm )
Each pc in a polybag, 200pcs in carton.
Product List
Magic Cooling Towel
This amazing cooling towel is designed to cool the body at times of excessive heat and during sporting activities and is flexible and adaptable to serves you well as a golf towel, gym or workout towel, and the Hyper-Absorbency helps to wick sweat from your body and is a drying towel for swimmers and divers.
  • Special PVA resin material, with excellent absorbent function that absorbs sweat and moisture much more better than the ordinary sports towel.
  • Easy to use - Just soak in water, wring out and shake and you're ready to stay cool.
  • Keeping the towel wet will allow its moisture to evaporate and continue cooling for hours.
  • Can be used in sports, leisure activities, travel, hot working environment etc.
Magic Cooling Towel
Magic Cooling Towel
Magic Cooling Towel
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Magic Cooling Towel
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How to use:
Magic Cooling Towel
Soak in water Wet it
Magic Cooling Towel
Wring out and shake You are cool!
Magic Cooling Towel