Microwavable Hot Pack

Item No.:
Outside pouch-Microfiber, Inside filling- Silical Gel ball &negative ion ball
150 x150 mm
1 color silk screen printing on one position
Each pc in a polybag 15pcs/inner box,30pcs/carton
Product List
Microwavable Hot Pack

Warm you up & Relax completely
How to use:(For Hot)
  • Put the hot pack in microwave oven.
  • Heating approx. 1 minute at 500 watt ~ 700 watt.( no longer than 1.5 minutes)
    (adjust the heating time under different conditions. Such as room temperature,humidity. Microwave oven wattage. Style etc.)
  • Take the hot pack out with carefully to avoid hands scald. It's ready to use.
    • if more warmth is required,repeat step 1+2.
    • if hot pack gets too warm,leave it cool accordingly before used.
( For Cold ):it can be chilled in the freezer, then get it out for cold therapy.
You may use the warmed product to soothe common problerms that are known to benefit from a close promimity of heat,such as arthritis,rheumatism,aches and pains,menstrual cramps,stress,tension or cold hands and feet.
What is in the pack? & How it works?
This pack contains some siliica gel ball&negative ion ball inside,put these material which absorb the moisture in the air into the microwave and heating, it will distrbute the heat with vapour, Because so, it will bring you the wamth which you feel very good, furthemore, there are negative ion ball inside the product which will make people relax and comfortable,Enjoy the wamth and relax in the same time.
What is negative ion?
Positive ion attract atmospheric pollutants, dust particies and hamful airborme matter into interior space and keep them there,Negative ion which are abundant in natural places such as foresls, waterfalls and the seaside, cancel the effect of positive ion and clean the air increasing the sense of well being. Futhemore, it can help to neutrlize the cations in our body,promote blood circulation and regain health, it can also abate the fatigue of the body and mind.