Instant Heat Pack

ITEM NO.: E1103
Material:0.40mm transparent matte pvcSize:90 x 90 mm, approx wt.72gImprint:With 1color printing on one sidePacking:Each in a polybag & white box, 50pcs/inner box, 100pcs/cartonCarton Size:50 x 21 x 20 cmGross weight:8.2kgs

Product Details

Instant Heat Pack
  • Heat therapy for relief of pain. Relief of back strain
  • Great for sports, Camping, & the outdoors
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Flex metal disc back and forth till liquid change into crystals.
  • Knead pack to soften.
    (if the temperature is too high, wrap a thin towel around the heat pack before using.)
  • Put the hardened heat pack into boiling water. Continue boiling for approximately 5 minutes or until the crystals are completely liquified.
  • When the pack cools down, it is ready to be used again.
Warning:Do not heat directly in microwave.
How is the pack work?
1.Activate by flexing metal disc. 2.Liquid crystallizing and heating 3.Pack is hot and ready for use
The Instant Heat Pack provides instant portable and reusable heat, and is as easy to use as 1-2-3. At the click of a button, this amazing device reaches temperatures of up to 50℃~55℃.
What is the pack
The Instant Heat Pack contains water, a stainless steel disc and non toxic food grade ingredients. This chemical even edible. It is also used as a food preservative! This means that it's safe for children or pets too!
How long does the heat last?
The Instant Heat Pack stays hot for about 30 minutes ~ 2 hours, and then gradually cools down.
It really depends on three factors: Size, How it is used, & how well it's insulated.

To make the pack's heat last longer than normal, do the following things:

First, once the clicker has activated the pack and it gets hot, make sure to squeeze the pack well to get it soft and flexible. This will bring the pack to its maximum heat and will therefore make the heat last longer. ( A lot longer! )

Second, keep the cold air away from the pack. If using it for handwarmer use, put it inside your pocket for instance, instead of just in your hand.

Third, keep the pack as insulated as possible. Use an insulated pouch, muff, covers, etc. This will make a big difference too.
How many times can it be used?
There is no limit as to the number of times an Instant Heat Pack can be used. The pack will not operate if there is a hole in the vinyl.
Liquid color choice
We can make liquid in these standard color,besides,we may also make liquid according to your given Pantone No.
Material choice
Imprint choice
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