Emori Already Back to Work after the Coronavirus Lockdown

Date: 2020-05-11

Dear Customer, 

This year is destined to be an unusual year, because the Coronavirus has almost outbreak all over the world, and our work and life seem to have pressed the pause button.

We hope you and your families , colleagues all stay safe , healthy .
This is a war without smoke, and we are all fighters. There is no doubt that we will finally break through the darkness to win this war together and survive the economic downturn in the end !

Under the strong control of the Chinese government, China has gradually got rid of the nightmare. With the orderly resumption of business and school opening, life and work have finally returned to the right track. We, Emori ( both the factory & office ) already back to work by end of Feb. after the coronavirus lockdown, and we will do our very best to support your business . 

Here we specially recommend you our following personal protective equipment (PPE) - Multifunctional Headwear E1600, which with highly stretchable and seamless to keep you comfortable in any position, can be worn as a seamless mask, neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava face mask, face scarf, beanie, bandana, mouth mask etc.
Customized order is welcomed at minimum quantity 500 units.

For more info about this item or any other items , feel free to send inquiry to

Stay safe and may God bless you.