EMORI huunana sport instant cooling towel Color fastness test certificated

Date: 2018-01-26

One more proof that: EMORI is good!

EMORI instant cooling towel got the A (rate 4~5) for color fastness testing!

1)      Color Fastness To Washing (ISO105-C06:2010; hand wash at 30 degree)

2)      Color Fastness To Perspiration (ISO105-C06:2013 test specimen in vertical position)

All above tests got A grade, while the rating is based on 5-step scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is bad and 5 is the best.

With this proof, no worry about the color fading when washes in washing machines.

May our EMORI (huunana) instant cooling towel be with you and help you:

1.Enjoy the summer (Instant cooling when it’s wet), 

2.Enjoy the sun (UPF50+),

3.Enjoy the winds (keeping warm when it’s dry) 

4.Enjoy the sports (instant cooling and sweats absorb)

5.Enjoy the fashion (OEM pattern design and OEM packaging)

6.Enjoy the convenient daily life(easy carry, easy washing, durable quality)

Can’t wait to get a sample for testing?

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